Fee Parking Lot There is a parking space (paid) in the parking tower located next to the main building, but the place is crowded,
so please use public transportation as much as possible.
Please understand that buses and special vehicles other than regular cars are not allowed to park.
  • Open Hours
  • Usage Guide
    Location: Phoenix Parking Lot (next to Hotel) Fee: 5,000 won per night (as of check-in 15:00 to check-out 11:00)

    Additional charges are incurred for parking and parking hours other than check-in-check-out hours

  • Facility information
    Facilities: Parking Tower

    Parking available vehicle specifications: not more than 2.15m wide, not more than 1.55m high, not more than 5.25m long, not less than 12cm high from wheel to body floor

    Models not available: motorcycle, Large sedans, RVs, large SUVs, light vehicles, box cars, ben, trucks, sports cars, vehicles with modifications and special fittings, and other vehicle specifications cannot be parked